Setting up a new cut project. Bit of a tutorial

This is a guy I know from a woodworking forum. He is a good guy and accomplished woodworker. Here he shows how he took a pin and got the image into his computer and cut it out on his x carve. Thought you guys would enjoy this. Very similar to how it would work on a Longmill. His youtube channel is Words in Wood.

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Notice he says he sets the 0 point and where that is to start the cuts. He has trouble with the cut on the circle but I am better it isn’t because of the spindle its more likely that its deflection in the rails if that machine. Though he has more experience with it of course. He would know better.

Great video find Greg. He shows his learning process very well and creates a wonderful end product :ok_hand:

Im subbed to his chanel for quite a while. He took ikea cabinets and made his own cherry doors and drawer fronts. Even end gables for it. It turned out amazing.