Shortcuts to match interface

I’m in v1.3.7-EDGE and perhaps i didn’t notice it, but i was trying to map everything i regularly use to a pendant and it seems that a few of the main commands from the interface are missing.

Namely “Stop Moving” (i’ve found “Stop Jogging” but they seem to act differently since it doesn’t stop) and also the “Go to corners”. The go to x/y/xy are great, but i really like the ability to go to the corner regardless of the zeroes.

I’ve marked them on the image

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We’ll look at adding shortcuts for the rapid position buttons assuming homing is enabled.

The Stop button is either a jog cancel during a jog movement or a board reset during non-jog movement - both of these are available as shortcuts currently. We’ll look at maybe adding a shortcut that’s similar in behaviour to the UI button.

Thanks for the feedback.