Sienci bit data?

Just started working with VCarve Pro and have stumbled up to the tool selection process. My thought was to import the data from Sienci supplied bits for feed and speed. I’m unable to locate the database and assume they haven’t built one? Decided to just add some tooling to the generic database in Vcarve but couldn’t find info on their 22mm surfacing bit, i.e. pass depth, recommended spindle speed, etc. Do you just wing it using the WAG method or am I just not finding it on the website?

Dazed and confused but tenacious . . .


Exactly what I was looking for. Glad for the help from another night walker like myself.

This is great but, The Sienci Labs – Vectric Tool Library has Geometry and cutting parameters in inches and speeds and feeds in mm. Am I doing something wrong? If not is there going to be an update using two set of downloads, one Imperial and another Metric? That would be helpful.

FYI, if you use Amana Tool bits in addition to Scienci bits you can download a tool library which is categorized by individual bit product number.