Sienci-designed wooden hold downs

The latest entry on the Sienci blog contains a video showing how to make 3 different hold downs that can be used on any CNC. Along with the video are links to the vector files and gcode files for making them. Here is a link to the blog post:


I am not a fan of ‘cloud computing’! VERY unsafe!! Is there a way to place these (DXF Files or G-Code files) on my hard drive?
Thanks for your help.
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@Condor00 With respect, Michael, there is no “cloud computing” involved with the link. It simply points to a set of files on google drive that you can download and save on your hard drive. You will use the dxf file on your hard drive in whatever CAD/CAM program you use. Even if those files were posted on this forum, you would still follow the same process of downloading them over an internet connection, saving them to your hard drive, the using them. There is no other way of getting the files onto your local drive.


I want to give everyone a chance to view what is ‘cloud computing’.

What is meant by cloud computing?
Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

This is not my definition but is Google’s and AWS (Amazon’s) definition. See? Even old cats and dogs can learn a thing or two!


Hmm… I cant find the video & hold down links here… I see Sept 2022 production update, Longmill mk2 orders, etc etc UPS price hikes, weekly competition winners, gSender info…

Can you post the link directly to the video & hold down dxf files downloads? Thanks

@Markus Try here

or here

Thanks so much I appreciate it!

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For anyone that’s as cheap as me, you can make the toe clamps without a threaded insert if you take one of the hexagons from the knobs and pocket it where the insert goes.
Cut the circle all the way through and just make a 3mm or so pocket for the hexagon to hold the nut. You could also reduce the size of the circle as you only need to put a bolt through it instead of the insert but I didn’t bother. I’ll do it if the nut pulls through but it has been fine so far.

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