Sienci Labs in 2020

Hey everybody, Merry Christmas and a Happy eventual New Year!

As 2020 dawns upon us, I wanted to put out a post that will give some information about what’s to come in the new year regarding our company goals and activities. I’ll lay these out in a numbered list so that it’s easier to read and refer to:

  1. After all the hard work that our team has put in leading up to the holidays, we have taken some time off to relax. I wanted to let you all know that Andy will be in and out of the office until the second week of January, meanwhile I won’t be back until the 5th.
  2. We’ve got maybe 15 complete LongMills left in stock. The plan is to ship out the remaining machines that we can in January while we wait for the remaining parts of the next batch of inventory to arrive so that we can start assembling those. We’ll take the time that we need to test the parts and ensure the new parts meet our quality standards, and once that’s done we can start to ship those out as well to the remaining people waiting to get their LongMills (February and March).
  3. We’ve got one event we’re planning to go to in February, the Toronto Woodworking Show, and we may be going to others. If you want to come see us there to say hi or see the machine in action, then feel free to stop by and say “hi” :slightly_smiling_face:
  4. In the new year we’ll be putting more of our time and effort into ensuring that we have adequate resources available to make sure that all of you new LongMill owners know how to be using your machines to the fullest. To do this, we’ll be looking into arranging to do some CNC workshops based out of our office in Waterloo, putting more videos online to show the process behind making a wide range of basic projects, and trying to see if we can help to initiate some CNC owners clubs in areas where LongMill owners can congregate. We’re already in the process of arranging to do a couple seminars at the Toronto Woodworking Show in February.
  5. As y’all may or may not know, Chris (me) is actually still in school. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at UW and I have one semester left in order to graduate. With the upcoming term to start in January, y’all should know that I won’t be able to be as active on either the Forum or the FB group while I complete my studies. I’ll try my best to still help here and there, but otherwise I think @Andy and the rest of the community will be able to assist. This also means that Sienci Labs as a whole may be a little more stagnant in operations compared to what you’re used to since Andy will be heading all operations on his own. We’ve done this before so this won’t be out of the ordinary, and we’ll be making sure to plan all around this obstacle as we need.

If any of you guys have any questions about this or have any comments you want to ask, let me know below or send us an email to let us know. Andy and I intend to do our best to not only sell you a machine, but to make sure that you have the resources available to you to be able to use it as you need.

Best to you all,

Chris, Andy, and the whole Sienci Labs team


I think it goes without saying we all wish you well and great success in the final chapter of your courses @chrismakesstuff. In Fact we know you will rock the place to the ground. The term will fly by faster than you think and then you can send Andy away for a month vacay after LOL. Congrats on everything you guys have accomplished so far. I know you will keep going and have even greater success in the future.



Thanks @chrismakesstuff for mentioning the Toronto Woodworking Show! I am currently looking into booking a weekend trip to attend. That said, you mention doing some seminars, any idea on what days/times? Most likely going to go for the entire weekend, but I may take a day to explore Toronto as I’ve never been. I would love to meet the crew and learn some good tips for a newbie.

Fingers crossed to receive my order in February, so this would be perfect timing to pick up some pointers before I pickup my machine.

Hope everyone is enjoying their hard earned holiday!

No set times/dates yet but if you’ll be visiting the area then please feel free to stop by our office and say hi! We’d love to show you around and provide some tips on how to get the most out of your LongMill :+1:

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I they would build a bridge over this pesky lake it would be a lot shorter drive to come and visit!

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