Sienci Labs Monthly Production Update - March 2024

Hi folks! Check out Andy’s March 2024 production updates video.

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@andy WRT the router, can you provide info on the collets/shank sizes that it will accept?

Hey @gwilki,

Chatting with Daniel, he states: For the Altmill (1.5kw ‘spindle’) It’s going to use ER16 type collet and we’re planning to include an 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8” collet.

Hope that helps!]


@StephenCampbell Tks, Stephen. However, I was referring to the Sienci router that you are developing.

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Grant, sounds like we are planning to use an ER16 size collet for the new spindle as well.


@StephenCampbell That’s the right answer. :grinning:

Tks much, Stephen.

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That beast looks like it could handle ER20 tools. Is it the spindle that limits it to ER16?

Yep, its just a bit easier to find a spindle with ER16 for the specs we’re looking for. Daniel is actually picking up a 5kw spindle on the weekend that’s ER32 so we’ll see how that works out :slightly_smiling_face: