Sienci Laser - Lenses are loose in laser housing

Just installed my laser! When I screwed in the laser lens, it was quite a loose fit.

I put the correct spring in before installing the lens - (7mm for G2). With the laser on, trying to focus it by turning the ring, I find that it’s super touchy. I thought it would be more of a perfect fit? When you touch the focus dial the beam bounces around a lot. I am worried as the CnC is moving that the beam will slightly move around.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is this supposed to be this way?

Hi @Lutraphobia, from what I have seen installing mine, the spring does its job and fits reasonably nicely.

When I adjust the focus ring, I feel a little resistance but not too much, and nothing wobbles. Is there any chance the spring is somehow deformed or not long enough? Maybe take the spring out and measure it - I will compare to mine and see if they are the same. If you can post a picture or two of your installation, we can check that too.