Sign making for contest

A friend asked me to recreate a 50-year-old sign for his condo complex and sent me pictures to work from. I tried to keep the original lettering design for the new sign.

Once we had created the new sign layout, and formed the letters as close to the original as we could determine (including a missing piece on the β€œG”), I carved the letters out of pine 2x10, using Carbide Create Pro to do the simple 3D work.

The letters were carved with a 45 degree slope on the sides, using a ΒΌ inch endmill for a rough pass, followed by a finish pass with:

To replicate the original red (Tuscan Red), I found a burnt sienna matte paint which was easy to work with.

The background is smokey beige (I keep that around for NWT work).

I did not get a final photo with the frame, but will post it if I get one from my friend. We were so busy finishing up and loading the 7 foot sign into his car that I neglected that final photo.


Very cool. I love the way the β€œR” dips below the other letters.

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With all the rain and winds, this finally got installed.

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