Sign on the fly

This is my prototype for a sign that will hang above my shop door. I designed it in January in Vcarve while waiting for the longmill to arrive. Spent 1st couple weeks learning how to run machine then the last 3 to 4 weeks playing with the laser. Yesterday decided to play with CNC again. This is made from some old pine boards and was pre painted prior to going on the Longmill. Originally it was going to be a V Carve and when I had the blank mounted, v bit in router and zeroed, toolpath loaded and cursor on start button I suddenly decided it ought to be relief carved. Redid the toolpaths and hit start. It is 24" diameter and was carved with a 1/8 downcut end mill, speed of about 3 on router and 2300 mm/m feed, and 2 passes to a depth of 0.25in. Took about 1hr 30 min. I feel feed could easily have been increased by at least 50%. As shown it is off mill without any sanding. The smaller letters tended to chip off at the ends particularly the E and Ls as well as the R. The I in woodworking came off when blowing down with compressed air also the Os and D were connected and had to be hit with a chisel. So I will have to look at maybe a different script or tooling. The log was originally designed with growth rings that I elected to omit during the carve as I have decided I will use something else in the real sign, possibly a saw blade or chisels. Woodchuck is what my wife called me when I first started hobby woodworking 35 years ago. My main purpose of getting a CNC was for doing carvings, I make a lot of Federal period pieces. However having purchased the laser at the same time and now had some exposure to it I think I am going to end up doing more laser work than the carving I originally planned.


Looks great! Maybe try using a 1/4" (or a 3/16" if you have one) to rough cut out most of the material then come in with a 1/16" to get around the text. Also slightly enlarging may help too. I’ve also noticed that slowing down the feedrate will help reduce chipout as well.

Thanks Raster. I do need to look at text spacing, and a roughing pass may help for the chipout on the small letters. I am glad I decidess to do a prototype first befor I get to hogging out the Redwood I have set aside for the real one. I do prefer the raised lettering over the v carve. Thanks for your comments.

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@Mickus I like it a lot!! Good job for a prototype sign. Can’t wait to see the final sign that hangs above your shop door.