Simple gcode editor built in

this would be a great addition.

Agreed, I thought this was a good idea 18 months ago

Do you mean to edit the gcode after its loaded into gSender or to edit the gcode file and then reload the file after editing?

Simple feature to edit loaded gcode file before running it. I previously used BCNC and it had this feature. You could deselect entire section’s and lines, delete and edit. It would prompt you to save on file close. It came in really handy when a certain operation needed to be repeated for one reason or another or a tool was already loaded that would be requested on startup. Just uncheck a couple lines or a section and run it rather than going back to the other PC and posting another file or firing up a text editor.

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Sorry if i stepped on your toes I didn’t see another request for this feature.

It’s something we have in the backlog as a potential feature we’d like to add down the line. It won’t be in for 1.2.0 though, but will probably be on the docket for the next major release after that.