Simple Projects

Have done a few signs but these are officially the first “useful” projects coming off the LongMill.

Left: Keurig cup holder. Measured the inside lip of the cup using calipers and the cups actually snap into each hole. Pretty neat.

Right: Wine bottle/glass stand. (request from my wife :blush:)

The wood is scrap maple (I think) hardwood flooring and finished with Tung oil.


Oh my goodness those look so nice :astonished: great work @Schlumph!

Thanks Chris, here’s a couple more pics:


That Keurig holder is really nice! I got my shipping notice for my Longmill today so I am jazzed and need to get designing useful things like that.

We have a wire mesh Keurig cup holder that someone gave us with the machine that is basically a little drawer with dividers that the machine sits on top of so you don’t take up any extra counter space. Slide out the drawer, check the rows for what you want and slide it back in. Maybe an idea for the next revision?



Very Nice! Its super awesome to be able to design something and have a robot build it for you :slight_smile: