SLB E-stop not working

Just hooked up my SLB and started going thru the initial functional checks. My E-stop light comes on but stays on even when the button is pressed. In fact, the E- stop light stays on even when the SLB is switched off. No power is cut to the motors when the button is pressed.

Anyone know if this is a defective E-stop, a defective SLB or is it some kind of software or firmware issue?

Perhaps this thread / post will explain part of it.

John it might be worthwhile to send in a ticket to us with a video on this issue. If even switching off the toggle switch on the back of the SLB isn’t having an effect that’s very odd. Are all the other lights on the SLB also staying on even when you turn off the switch in the back?

Here’s a video showing the current state of the E-stop.

Using Gsender 1.4.6
Grblhal connect to SLB with USB
MK1 30x30 machine

Note that the three buttons on the front of the Estop appear to work.

All axis still move after pressing the Estop.

Sorry about the video quality

Just for others info, I’m chatting with Jon over email now. What I let him know is that basically I think on this first batch of nearly 500 boards somehow one slipped through where the component that controls the 24V power is not working properly and we didn’t catch it. This is a manufacturing defect, but it isn’t a terrible thing because the signal for the E-stop should still tell the motors to stop moving and all the other accessories to turn off so other than removing 24V power on the board everything else should work as expected.

I’ll look to add this scenario to our troubleshooting docs in case it comes up again in the future, and we’ll look to send John a replacement because he’s interested to get one.

My SLB E-stop works but does not lock down; the button shuts the CNC down but does not lock onto position like the original did. The pause/stop/start work well, it does not seem to affect anything just wanted to mention it.

Hi @Alan we can send you a replacement if that’s the case, because your E-stop should be locking down normally. Otherwise, there are a couple other weird ways the E-stop could behave that are covered in the docs but it doesn’t sound like you’re experiencing any of them, just a bad button