SLB Post Processer

If I get an SLB in the future to replace my current Longboard which post processer would I choose using VCarve Pro? There is no GRBL HAL option that I am aware of in the options pull down menus.



@StuartG You continue to use either grbl mm or grbl in.

Ok. So I did a little research and if I’m correct the original GRBL only ran on 8 bit processors. GRBLHAL was developed to have all the same functionality but work on 32 bit processors allowing MUCH higher performance.
So the post processor doesn’t change but the control board is just hopped up.


Yes - it supports the same subset of standard g-code as vanilla GRBL. So for the average user, the standard GRBL post-processor will work excellently since grblHAL supports all the same g-codes as vanilla GRBL.

grblHAL also supports a superset of other g-code that you likely won’t run into/need unless you’re doing very specific jobs types, based on primarily Linux CNC specifications. These are documented here: Additional G and M codes · grblHAL/core Wiki · GitHub (and like I said, pretty niche, but just for your information)


Thanks for the question by the way @StuartG, I’ve added more info to the docs for future reference for others as well :pray: