SLB Probe Connection for 3-pin? (voltage)

As part of my SLB upgrade to my MilkCr8, I’ll be adding both a Tool Length Sensor and a 3D Touch Probe. The SLB Probe connection is a 2-pin connection for signal and ground. Where is a suggested pin to grab power? The probe can use either 3.3v or 5v or 24v (But I’d prefer 3.3v or 5v).

For me, the VCC on the limits switch block will be unused. Looks like that might be a decent place to pick up 5V, but there might be somewhere closer to the probe outlet too.

The closest 5V to pick up would be from the Ring LED plug output or the X limit switch on the JST connector. Otherwise yes the VCC from the probe limits would be the next best bet or you could share the 5V coming from the TLS plug

Excellent! Thanks for the pointers.