Snow Flake Christmas Tree Topper

Simple design. Simple to do.

This one is cut from opaque white acrylic. It measures 12" tall and wide. Acrylic is 1/4" thick. I cut this very conservatively. Feed rate is 40ipm, pass depth is .03". speed is number 2 on the Makita router. The bit is the 1/8" o-flute from Sienci.So, it is very slow going. However, it results in no sanding and very clean edges.

CAD/CAM is VCarvePro. Code sender is gSender 1.1.7. Long Mill Mk1 30 x 30.

With luck it will slip over the top of our yet-to-be purchased live tree. The β€œholder” is a length of 3/4" copper pipe, painted white.

All critiques welcome.


I should make a large one for my palm tree. I like it ! Thanks for sharing.

@ozguzzi I would love to see that. :grinning:

Not really anything to critique, looks really great. Could always hit it with a torch and twist it a little if you want to add something to it but looks nice as is.

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