Soft limits warning identification

Would it be possible to identify what/why a particular action would trigger soft limits? Trying to start a job sometimes, I get the warning and it takes me a few tries to figure out what limit is being triggered and how to fix it.

I had a job stop in the middle stating that a hard limit was triggered (it wasn’t actually) but when I tried to start the job at a specific line number, it would halt stating the soft limits would be triggered and I have no clue which one so I had to start all over with the bit just spinning in the air on a pocket until it caught up with where it last left off.

I would check the values for $130 - $132 in the firmware. They set the length that the respective axis is allowed to move from the home position before a soft limit will be triggered. Also you want to enable $20 - $22, Soft Limits, Hard Limits, Homing Cycle. Then as long as you home on start it should work.

Everything is set correctly. The job will stop occasionally saying I reached a hard limit (I am thinking a problem with with a sensor). I re-home and set up to start the job from a certain line and it immediately errors out saying the action would trigger the soft limit. Sometimes I could raise/lower the Z or jog one way or the other and it would start but I’d just like to know which soft limit would be triggered. I can to into diag and see the hard limit switches but not the soft limits. I figured if a limit could be triggered, the error should include which one so we know where to look

Sounds reasonable.

I don’t know how to get that info, I’m afraid. Would be nice because then you could swap sensors to test.

You never said what version of gSender that you are using.

Currently I’m using 1.2.2. I was thinking this would be more of a suggestion for a feature update in a new version