Software for Mk2

Has anyone used Fusion 360 to create there designs with the Sienci MK2?

And if so how well did it work?

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Hi @EZMeadows welcome to the forum!

I use Fusion 360 as my primary (nearly only) way of generating designs and toolpaths - it works very well, but definitely has a learning curve.

What types of projects are you most interested in? That will influence your choice of software. For me, I was already a bit familiar with Fusion for 3D modelling - but had to learn the CAM (toolpath) part. I haven’t tried any v-carving yet, but have done some engraving and a simple sign.


Thank you for responding to my question. I use the Fusion 360 with my Langmuir Crossfire Pro. I just wanted to make sure I could use it with the MK 2. I am planning to order it in the near future. I can not wait to be able to use it in the shop.
Again thank you.

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You are very welcome!

@EZMeadows Welcome to the group, Jean. As you have seen: “ask and you shall be answered” to paraphrase a saying.

As your question has been answered to your satisfaction, I am closing this thread. Please feel free to start new threads with new questions.