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Good afternoon everyone, just set up our new Longmill 48x30. Very happy with the set up.
Question… A friend told us to set up Easel, is this the best program to use? I tried setting up and it wasnt “homing” properly.


I have had my MK2 set up less than a month.

I am using carbide Create pro. As they all do, it has a bit of a learning curve.

I suggest you pick one, anyone. Then stick to it!! They all get the job done. Although, I am jealous about Vectric.

Here is a link to a page to help you decide.

Click here!!

Welcome @barnwood ! Great folks with good advice. As @SeanH states, pick one and stick with it. I opted for vcarve pro, mostly cause it was something that I won’t grow out of. If I do, I could upgrade to aspire for the difference in price. Something unheard of in the software industry. I was always taught to avoid subscription services for software. That took out at least one software from the list. Once again, welcome and we can’t wait to see what you will make!


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I am very much a beginner and am still using Carbide Create when it still produced g-code. It’s simple and it’s free

download available here Carbide Create 652 vs 756 - Carbide 3D Community Site

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All I saw in that link to download was a test file but I did a search and found download links for version 652. I found the links in the ONEFINITY forum, I hope they are what they say they are.

Carbide Create 652 exe

Carbide Create 652 dmg

@barnwood I tried some of the free stuff at the very beginning and always seemed to run into a limitation. I went with Vcarve pro and never looked back. It is important for me and my wife who also desgns, probably more than I, that it is stable, predictable and tons of support and free education. I find it hard to believe I
and my Wife and I will ever outgrow it. Vcarve Pro & gSender is my honest recomendation.

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