Solidworks Cam for use with Longmill

Hi All,

New to the group and to Longmill. My new machine should be delivered in a week or two. I am a Solidworks user from way back to the late 90’s and am hoping to stick with what I already know.

I would like to use Solidworks CAM (at least to start with) is there a resource out there to setup the machine within the Solidworks environment? I know to use the GRBL post but what about the other specific information for the machine specs?

Thanks in advance

Hi Phil welcome…

Pretty intense hardware and software requirements on the Solidworks side .

As far as the Longmill goes , it comes with a controller (pre-configured if I remember correctly) and USB cable to connect with your computer and the gSender program is a download from Sienci.

Pretty straight forward stuff.

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Welcome! If you’re already a Solidworks fan than go for it! There are certainly plenty of people using it. Not a beginner option but it sounds like you have experience with it. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

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Im in same boat i use f360 as i couldn’t find a program in SW for cam. What would you use ive been using SW since 98

Not a SW user but from their website is looks like SolidWorks CAM is an add on sold separately.