SOLVED: UGS platform issue - all motors stalling?

I’ve got a new issue that’s got me stumped. I had everything working great, so I’m confident it’s not the machine itself…

I decided to abandon the little Pi touchscreen and hook up a regular computer monitor. I managed to tinker with it until I broke it entirely, and had to redo the software from scratch. No big deal, I though, since I’ve got the issues all figured out.

So now I’ve got my Raspberry Pi running a fresh install of raspbian. As far as I know, I’ve got all the settings the same as they were when everything was working great. Except now, it doesn’t work.

UGS Platform launches and connects normally. I changed the serial drivers to the JSSC drivers that worked last time. But now, when I try to jog the router in any direction it doesn’t move. I can hear the motors engaging for any axis I try, and the coordinates on the display are changing, but it does not move. It sounds like the motors are stalling out.

Like I said, everything worked fine before. It has to be a software issue. Nothing is bound up - I can move everything freely by turning the lead screws by hand.

I am missing something. Any ideas out there?

Are you using a high enough feed rate? I usually set to minimum 1000mm/min when jogging

Problem solved, Chris. Thanks for the quick response.

Feed rate defaulted to 10, and I was overlooking it. 1000, everything works as expected.

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Chris beat me to it - I had this same thing happen when I entered a lower value by accident. I was quite perplexed for a few seconds!

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