Some feedback on cutting 25mm Baltic Birch with Sienci 1/4" Downcut

So I’m cutting a large worktop that is about 5’ long (using tiling for most of it, have to add one piece as my stock isn’t long enough!). As a result I’m putting in about 3h of cutting time on some nice 25mm Baltic Birch, including a lot of deep pockets and details.

I used the settings I found elsewhere on the forum (thanks to the poster!) Feeds & Speeds - Baltic Birch 3/4"

Material: 25mm / 1 inch Baltic Birch
Bit: Sienci 1/4" Downcut
Feed rate: 2540 mm/min (100 ipm)
Speed Rate: ~17,000 (router is centered 3 setting ss I watch it cut)
Depth of cut: This is where it is interesting, last night I used the “rule of thumb, 1/2 the bit diameter” and cut at 3.175. Finish was good, performance was good but the machine sounded funny. Still had chips and not dust though.

Today I’m running the second tile and I upped the depth of cut to 5mm and the machine sounds glorious. I could tell immediately that it was happier at 5mm than 3.175. Perhaps it also lines up with the depth of the veneer layers in the wood? Not sure, but for now I’m going to use 5mm as my preferred target DoC with this material. I nope that helps the next person./



Man, 5mm sounds deep (haven’t got mine yet). But it’s awesome that it’s happy at those rate

Seems to be. I am getting some whip effect in my lead screws though. Need to pay more attention to whether or not that is related to that particular cut or was something else.