Some Laser Fun and a Warning!

As soon as I saw the lasers were shipping, I made an order, and now I’m super excited to have a laser installed and working.

I was playing with engraving and cutting today, engraving on wood and cardboard, and then I tried cutting some corrugated cardboard. All in all, it took a bit to get the focus, power, and speed sorted, but things started looking good.

But alas, here comes the warning! I had not really dialed in the accessory air… so I lowered it, and tilted it closer - but a little too close!

I managed to melt the tip of the air nozzle… and really make quite a mess. The nozzle looks like it will still work, but it is definitely worse for wear.

Hopefully I can replace / adjust / modify just the final nozzle - live and learn!

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Hopefully SIENCI will release the stl files for the printed parts of the laser beam and longmill MK2 like they did for the MK1. I haven’t been able to find them if they have. At least then you could have one printed.