Some stuff I'm working on

Oculus Quest 2 Stand/Holder/Display. Kids are always leaving it on the ground or just laying on the entertainment center. Thought I’d incorporate a bit of 3D Printing and CNC into one. Will also use the laserbeam to engrave a gamer tag or something onto it.

First one is sapele w/red mahagony stain and black PLA, and second one is hickory w/early american stain and white PLA…

Also did some Haloween themed white tile (6x6) painted black, and machined a simple frame for them…


Great ideas and execution! Thanks for sharing with us.

Marty from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Rally cool,
I do hop you have the screen of the Oculus Quest covered. Pointed at the windows like that, the sun can burn spots in the screen.

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Thanks for the heads up! I only put it there to take the pic for the good lighting. Wasn’t aware of that though.