Spindle Speed - gSender vs. VFD Display

Anyone have an issue where the spindle speed in gSender does not match the display of their VFD? It matches at the max of 24,000 but anything in between it’s off anywhere from 1,200 - 2,000+.

For instance I use the slider in gSender and set it to 14,780

The display on my VFD shows 16,656

Maybe it’s nothing - but which one is accurate?

Rreams76 I have not messed with remote VFD and gSender so take what I say accordingly. There are a various reasons why you may have a mismatch of input to output. I would check the VFD program parameters for the remote input are set correctly, I am presuming the output from the Longboard is 0VDC to 10VDC is that what the VFD is programmed for. Whatever the output is the VFD should be set accordingly. It would also be worth checking the actual output value from the longboard to ensure it is correct for the speed you are looking for. It is also possible that the VFD response to the input is incorrect across the range and the VFD needs tuning. Good luck.

I was having that issue with my spindle and I had to change $31 to 4800 in the firmware setting and the speed got closer.

I have a friend that run Mach 3 and he said it doesn’t match also.