Spindle upgrade installed

Got a great black Friday deal on a spindle and vfd kit on Amazon. 110v Rattmotor 2.2kw water-cooled spindle with HY VFD, and water pump/hoses for $200.00, picked up 10 ft of double shielded 16ga and a Daedalus dust shoe. 2 days of wiring and trouble shooting over last weekend but now working great (still tweaking some vfd settings on occasion)


Currently finishing setting up my upgraded setup with a 2.2kw spindle.
Just completed a relocation and decided to upgrade from 30x30 to 30x48, as well as upgrading to a spindle.
My main concern is the weight of the spindle, I used a dial indicator to measure deflection in the center of the gantry with spindle located all the way to the side vs in the center, came out to about 0.003”, which doesn’t sound too bad to me, I’ll check the straightness of the spoil board too after surfacing.
I’m also concerned about the v wheels under the extra weight

How did run your water lines, I’m thinking of possibly getting bigger drag chains

I have them run outside the drag chain.

So far I haven’t noticed any problems with the v wheels, but Ive only had time to run it about 5 hours since installing the spindle.