Spoil board help

I am in the process of making my first spoil board for my 30x30 – based on the design/video/gcode from Garrett at IDC woodcraft. Garrett’s video is based around the original Longmill 30x30 and gives the distance between the INSIDE of the two front feet as 36.25 inches. Can anyone advise the correct distance between the INSIDE of the front feet for the MKII 30x30? On page 80 of your assembly instructions it shows the distance to the outside of the front feet – but I don’t see the inside dimensions.

Please ignore above - Steph from Sienci was kind enough to provide the info… 35.25 inches.

Thank you

Ian Webster

Welcome Ian.
I used the same program from IDC, it worked well just as it is. Is you concern if it will fit the 30X30?
If I’m not mistaken the program was designed for the longmill so it should work fine.

Good luck.