Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut

Hi everyone, I’m excited to share a small development, the Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut! As we’ve continued to have LongMills out in the wild, we’ve recognized that the finickiness of the Delrin Anti-Backlash Nut was a pain point for our users, such as the need for adjustment on a regular basis, the potential for the adjustment screw to fall out, and improper tensioning causing jamming, especially at higher speeds.

The Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut is designed to address these issues by using a set of springs to tension the nut against the threads radially, allowing smoother operation and no adjustment needed from the operator. We are now looking to put this out into the wild for field testing!

Learn more at Everything you need to know about the spring-loaded anti-backlash nut | Sienci Labs


The link in the Purchase page (https://sienci.com/product/t8-spring-loaded-anti-backlash-nut/) is not good:


I think it should be:


This new part is good for Longmills of any size? MK1 or MK2?

Thanks, I just updated the page link. Yup, it should drop into anywhere any regular nut can be found (MK1 or MK2). It is slightly longer, but should be fine.

I think the link is now pointing to the Product purchase page (…inception…)

I think the caching didn’t update the site. Should be working now. Mondays, right?

Now it works… thanks…

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I’d be willing to test a T12 nut on my 48x30. I have most of my issues with that backlash nut :frowning: