Stacked books box

This was a project designed and offered by Vectric. My part was simple. All I had to do was tell the Mill how to carve it. My wife did the painting and I did the flocking on interior. I think it’s an interesting look.


WOW! Nice job Grant and wife. Those look so real. Does your wife hire out as an artist? Both the woodwork and the paint job are excellent.

@Heyward43 Thanks much, H. It was a fun project. Jennifer ended up putting more time into it than I did, but since it is for her use, I guess that’s only fair. :grinning:

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Very nice, Grant, especially the paint job!


Great idea, nicely done.

Nice! These look good. Finally, somebody showing off what they’re doing and giving the rest of us ideas.

@BillKorn Tks much, Bill. How’s your boat coming along? :grinning:

Slowly. I’m working from prints that don’t have a table of offsets, only waterlines, so it was a ton of work getting the data into F360. And it’s so big my computer objects. I did get the bottom 1/5 of the hull milled on the LM, but I’ve made three unsuccessful attempts to get the next section done because I can’t get it to line up when I flip it over to do the other side. So I put it aside for a while so I can do some work on another 1/4 scale rock crawler frame. Good practice welding 1/2" and 5/8" SS 0.065 wall tubing. The eyes are just not what they used to be.

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Hands up to Grant & Wife, what a nice project, Great Christmas gift idea!

Thanks for sharing!!!

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Wow Grant, you and the wife knocked it out of the park with this project. Superb…

@GLC Thanks much, Gary. The paint work makes it, I think. From the CNC standpoint, it was a pretty simply project.

OMG, that looks amazing! Superb work, Lovely finishing.

@Markus Tks, Markus. I’ll pass along your comments to the “painter”.

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Wow it looks so nice. Dis you use Aspire of VCarve? I tried to download this project but download failed because I have Aspire 9.5. I don’t know if I can find individual files .stl of this project instead of install the project file

@GuillC Thank you, Guillaume. I use VCarvePro, version 10.514. One of the complaints that I have with Vectric is that their monthly projects are only usable by those running the most recent version of their software. This is true in this case. You cannot open this file in Aspire or VCP 9.5. As far as I can tell, there is no way that I can write it out as an older version, either.