Star Super B Pistol Grips with Fusion 360

Started making some grips for a Star Super B Pistol using Fusion 360 - went extremely well!! Liking 360 as I can do all the modeling and machining as well as generate the G-Code all within Fusion. There is even a little plugin to be able to post the code directly to UGSPlatform!

So far all I have is a model that works (fits) only a couple small adjustments were needed… still need to create the curved surface and figure out how to do the checkering, but it’s working pretty well so far.

Here are some of the test shots on a scrap of plywood.


Personally I don’t like guns but that is one hell of a job. Nice work on those.

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Awesome work!

I have an old Delta Elite 10mm I was wanting to make some exotic wood
grips for. I’m hoping once I figure this CNC stuff out to be able to do that.


Then do I have a video for you!! These are for aluminum machined grips, but all the operations apply… he said there was one of him doing the CAD portion of the design, but I couldn’t find it…

Got my profiles done today … was a bit of a beast trying to figure it out! :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! I’ve got a 1911 in need of grips, will need to put this project on my list!

Did you find learning the CAM side of Fusion hard? I was modeling something up earlier in Carbide, and it would have been much easier in fusion. The Cam part is what I’m not certain about

In any event, great start!

Thanks - and no, it is not particularly difficult to learn, there is just LOTS to learn … from what I can see (so far) there are about 40 different types of tool paths you can define in the milling environment alone … I did cut one out of poplar last night with the smoothed sides and angled edges, that used 5 different operations. Which is actually the nice thing, while F360 does not do anything for you (you need to know) it does give you basically infinite control of how to cut which surfaces.

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