Start Job button

So far I’m loving this program but I have a suggestion. It would be nice if the “Start Job” button when clicked would change to the “Pause” button instead of the pause button being over to the left of the window. I use a laptop with the touchpad and moving over to the pause button takes a few seconds. If I screwed up (like not turning the router on) and the pointer is in the same place as the start job button I can pause the machine right away after starting the job hopefully without damage to the project.
Thank you for your time spent on gSender.


That’s something I’ve had in my mind recently as well. Would you have any ides on what we would do to fill the space to the left of the Pause button?

Joseph, I kept this ticket open this whole time to remind myself of your feedback and recently it got implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks for your idea and for leaving a comment