Stuck at Its Alive Phase. gsender wont move mill

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First CNC - During Assembly Mk2-48+Laser. on mac m2 -

I am in that really exciting step in the assembly where its says “It’s Alive”, mine is not quite.

on a macbook air m2 - latest OS, gsender 1.41.1

Connected via USB
choose connect, says Connected with green checkmark, now connected in the main section but jog controls do nothing.
Red light on longboard (Estop is not active). everything is hooked up as it should be.
Rebooted, tried the other usb port, updated gsender, nothing.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
As I am on a mac, I am wondering if this is not related to usb device permissions?

Oddly I see the image below on the case and if you look closely, also on the arduino itself, it says Feb 11, 2022 1.1h Mk2
But when i connect, it says, 1.1h but Feb 2, 2022 mark1

It connects at 115200 then displays some stuff, not always just sometimes, and then disconnecs and locks up the usb bus, when it does not and actually says idle, in the console, there is no response from the board when you click a jog button, it prints a grey command in the console but looks like it sasys nothing back.

I have removed the longboard from the mill, and brought it and the PS and the stop button home for testing.

Thanks for any help!

Update, got things working with my intel mac, seems my silicon macs are all 4 having Trouble.