Suggested speed settings for MK1 longmills

I received my SLB and swapped out the old one. Only configuration changes I applied were to the z-axis. In the documentation for the SLB speeds for the MK2 are mentioned, but I don’t see speed options for the MK1. Is there any recommendations for MK1 machines?

Hey Don,

Pumped to hear that you have the SLB up and running!

To share some more good news, you can run your MK1 at the same increased speed the SLB offers for the MK2. I’m still playing with a couple of the different machines we have in the office to fine tune them, so don’t be afraid to play with your speeds a bit to find the perfect fit for your setup. The team has put a ton of time into testing already and the values you have as default are a great solid start.



Those speeds worked fine and when cutting some pine I increased the speed to 170% during cutting and it worked fine. I’ll keep tinkering. Sample result using 60degree bit.


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Looks great Don! Thanks for sharing, I’m glad they’re working out for you :slight_smile: