Suggestion: Add well documented accessory mounting points and types to the Longmill

@chrismakesstuff I’ve been meaning to say this for a while. One area where I think you can make an easy and powerful improvement to the entire Longmill design is to come up with a common accessory rail or track or bolt pattern approach. Like the “accessory rail” on the Festool track saw tracks which people have adapted to dozens of things (and Makita copied, so most accessories work on the Makita ones too).

I’d like to see multiple mounting points on the machine for items like:

-Homing switches (you shouldn’t leave us having to design/make/3D print (don’t have one!)) housings, on such a high class machine at least mounting points we can adapt to should be present

-I noticed that router mount does have threaded holes in the sides, not sure of the details. This is a good start. I’ve been pondering how to use them for my marker holder (current design pressure fits around router body).

Things I might like to mount in addition to homing switches:

-A camera (I like the $20 Wyze cam which has a magnet base and runs off USB and Wifi, with an extension cable I can put it in the drag chain and have a permanent view)

-A laser pointer or LED light with project (a la cut line project on most compound miter saws these days) showing bit center

-A marker holder

-Some logical way to support to obscene torque a decent sized vaccum hose line has on the host connection and dust shoe. I’m using some very hackish twist tie things that you might use to coil up an electrical cord but they keep moving and I worry about the stress on the tab at the back of the top of the XZ that I have them wrapped around. A holder with different ring inserts (that could be CNC cut from 1/2" from templates you would post) to provide a second hold/bearing point for the vaccum hose at the top of the XZ assembly is much needed.

It would be really nice to have threaded holes, patterns, maybe even T-track concept like spots where things can be added so the company and the community can come up with ways to upgrade their machines that are consistent and easily reproduced and enhanced. Would really make the machine stand out.