SuperLongBoard CNC Controller: Everything You Need to Know | Sienci Labs Update

Hi folks! Chris breaks down the SuperLongBoard CNC controller: its purpose, features, benefits, differences from the LongBoard, and who it’s best for.

For more information about the SuperLongBoard, watch the full video and visit our website.


SLB Product Page:


I spent a couple hours doing the conversion from LB to SLB. WOW!!! The router now flies between locations! The motors are cool to the touch too! The probing sounds a bit different but is spot on! all routing is accurate. I did an 8 part job on both controllers for comparison. My MK2 is working better than ever!
Really great work guys and gals!


Thanks @Condor00 for posting your success with the upgrade to the SLB. I received mine on Friday and haven’t had the few hours uninterrupted to get it installed. I also thought about waiting a few days to see posts like yours before installing it. I typically wait when upgrades are available to see what, if any, problems arise. That not just with what Sienci puts out, but even my phone, tablet and laptops. Once, about 10 years ago, an update to my android phone bricked it to the point they replaced it. Went with an iPhone and have never looked back. Again, appreciate your post! Please come back and share more experiences using your SLB! PS we like pictures too!