SuperLongBoard on Onefinity?

Good day all!
I have a Onefinity woodworker and I’m looking at upgrading the controller, but don’t want to hand over $2k for the Masso. I’m really impressed with the SLB, but wanted to reach out to see if I was the first to reinvent the wheel or if there was a trailblazer that I could ask some questions of?

I’m finally getting around to doing this. I purchased my Onefinity without a controller as I didn’t like the value proposition of their stock controllers. I’ve been unhappy with the XProV5 (dual Y gets out of sync), but have been delayed by ‘Life’ in getting this working

There is at least one person that has done this, and there is an Etsy vendor that has made some initial inductive sensor mounts.

I’m hoping to spend some time getting things hooked up this weekend. My initial feedback is that as delivered the SLB is intended as an upgrade to the original LB, and doesn’t include the Phoenix connectors for the motors; they’re easy to get on Amazon though.

I have the onefinity wood worker with a superlongboard working great. I have been slowly tweaking speeds currently I can go up to 6000mm/min or 236in/min during rapid movements any faster when pausing a job stalls the machine. Other then that it’s super reliable and have no problems with current firmware and settings. I have the extra 3rd x axis rail so the extra weight might not help matters. I’m hopeful I will get things faster with more changes. I make a change and run it for a week or so to make sure there’s no negative effects. Please keep this updated with your results, I’m curious what others with a onefinity have come up with.

How hard was the conversion? Did you buy new steppers?

I used the same steppers I checked and they looked like about the same rating. The worst was 3d printing the parts for the drag chain.