SuperLongBoard speeds for an Ultimate Bee user?

I’m wondering if anyone has a rough idea for a starting point with a 1500x1500 ultimate bee with nema 23 high torque motors and a 2.2kw spindle? The information I saw on the alt mill was a little ambiguous but I thought it would somewhat be comparable outside of rigidness.

I’m also wondering if I should still be using my limit switches from that machine or if it would be better to change to proximity switches of some sort.

I went through a nightmare of compatibility issues with the ultimate bee and spark xpro v5 and I’m just hoping to avoid as many variables as possible that would be outside of the original purpose.

Hi @cncdm, sorry you didn’t yet see a response on this either - I think everyone is still in the setup phases of their SLBs too but discussion on board use should continue to ramp up over time.

I’ve not heard of anyone doing an Ultimate Bee setup yet, but if I were you I’d start with the speeds that were configured with your previous controller and then move up from there. I’d imagine that if you have a well-tuned machine and high-torque steppers then you should be able to reach 6000mm/min on X, Y, and Z. At that point, you can get even higher movement speeds if you keep your acceleration low, or can get really high acceleration speeds if you keep your speed low - this is all dependant on if you tend to do 3D carving and want to reduce carve times (you’d want higher acceleration), or tend to do jobs with lots of straight cuts and movements (higher speed preferred)

Regarding limit switches, mechanical ones can work just fine so I wouldn’t be concerned in the short run on looking to replace them. We tend to use inductive sensors because they’re solid state and hard to break if you accidentally run into them so they’re an accurate and bulletproof solution :+1: