"surfacing" a piece of wood

So I was able to get these slips (circular ends of the tree 6-8" diameter) of cedar that I want to use to make Christmas decorations with. However since they were cut with a chainsaw…that are very uneven. I was unsuccessful putting them in the planer, because they are just a bit too small and round or uneven.
I thought I would be able to re-surface them using the long mil. Just want to make sure I’m doing best way.
Should I use the surfacing program in Gsender. Or make something in aspire? Should I use a resurfacing bit?
What would anyone suggest. Open to ideas. thanks!

@chapklc Kari: You can use the surfacing module in gSender. However, since you have Aspire, if I were you, I would use it. You create a circle in Aspire just larger in diameter that the slip. Make Z0 the centre of the circle and do a pocket cut the size of the circle.

Cedar is very pitchy, as you know and it being wet just adds to the mess this will create. Take very shallow cuts, but keep the speed and feeds up.

If the slips are very “wedge shaped”, put wedges under them when you surface the first surface so that it does not take many passes to get it flat. Then when you flip, you have a nice flat surface to sit it on.

You should be fine using a surfacing bit. Just play with feeds and speeds.

Show us your end result, please.

ok, i started to make a square, but you’re right a circle makes more sense…
I’ll post pic if i’m successful :astonished:

Ok I think it turned out great!

thanks for the advicee!!!


@chapklc Well done, Kari! Looking at the shape of the slice, a square or rectangle would have worked very well, too. What mill did you use?

Sorry for the delay, i worked all weekend. I used a surfacing bit. :grinning:

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