Surfacing with G Sender

@Bill Almost done with a 3D printed design for a new dust shoe. Only 7" wide so no travel lost. As you said, love hate with the original.

@RickW Well I hope yo share it!

I believe I’ve discovered my disconnect issue. I noticed both my wife and I have started plugging in the dust system to one of those auto vac switches. The top outlet of the device always seemed hot so just plugged the dust system there, well apparently that must have introduced something in the AC line the Longmill didn’t like. Ran an air carve of the surfacing file and it completed with no disconnects even running the vac system, sanders didn’t bother it. I did notice at 95% the visualizer went blank but everything else stayed like Running etc.

So getting closer!

Sneak peek


Still tinkering with it, need to figure something better than a stack of magnets for the Z homer. The 1" bristles seem to work great so far. Even cleans out my peg holes and the 6.something shop vac does not suck them up like it does with the 2" long bristles.

The bar magnets are really strong so it has to be slid towards the front to remove. My brain hurts, I think I need a nap.


@RickW looking really professional! Very nice indeed.

Took me a week of nothing but issues but here is my final product.
Now onto movable fences and cam clamps, think that would save time when doing multiples


Not as nice as yours but I am going to give this one a try.

@Bill Yours looks really good too. You got yours done in a week? I spent about a month on mine all together and have a bucket full of reject printed parts. I may change the base to clear lexan but will run it for a while to see if I need to.
If you noticed all of the peg holes in my first pic, I just use aluminum dowels and whatever straight edge is handy, slide the stock to the straight edge, hot glue it down and remove the straight edge and pegs. The jigs don’t even need the straight edge, I just put in peg holes in the right spots and glue the stock right to the jig.
Let us know how the Menolana one works out.