Surprise visitor in the shop

So I was standing at my laptop, monitoring a job and the garage door light over my head flicks on. 4 in the afternoon on a sunny Thursday. I had both garage doors open. I think “Well, that’s odd, did something blow off my bench and trip the sensor?”. I turn around and one of the aggressive neighborhood raccoons is standing in the doorway of the garage staring at me. He slowly turns around and lopes away. Bold buggers they are.

Any unexpected visitors appear at your shop?


Hahahah, that’s a hoot! Sometimes Louis boy makes an unexpected visit to our office shop:

Not my shop, but if I leave the garage door open while weeding, the chipmunks seem to think that the garage floor is a lap track and run all over the place. They are so cute that it’s easy to forget that they are nothing more than brown striped mice, and not something you want indoors.

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