Switching from Y axis to A axis

If I do not have $1=255 set, so my motors are not always powered up, is it necessary to power down the LM when using the Y to A switch?

Hey Grant,

The engineers always told me to power down when flipping from Y to A or back. Not sure how setting the holding current would affect it, but to be safe…


@StephenCampbell Thanks, Stephen. The reason that I asked is that, at 17:05 of this video,

Daniel says that you only need to hit the oops button when switching if you are using $1=255.

At 16:00 of this video

Johan specifically mentions using the oops button when switching only in the context of having previously set $1=255.

However, and the reason for my question, in the documentation for the Vortex, it states:

" Rotary Mode

With this finished, we’re now ready to switch the Y-axis motor output over to the Vortex, finalizing the Y-axis to A-axis conversion. To do this, ensure your longboard is powered down. You can simply hit the e-stop switch, then flip the small Vortex switch to A."

So, in short, I hope that you can see why I am confused. Maybe a better question would be: if I do not have $1=255 set, what are the possible consequencs of not powering everything down when switching from Y to A? Knowing that, I can decide if I want to take my chances. :grinning:

Hey Grant,

I see the discrepancy, thanks for the detailed response. I’ve pinged Johann and Daniel to inquire. I was the one that wrote the documentation with loads of input from the boys. We’ll clean this up and I’ll update you and the docs based on their answers.

I haven’t flipped my Vortex switch in months, lol. Actually just about to set $1=255 to run a hammer timelapse this afternoon.


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So here is Daniel’s response…

Yeah you technically don’t need to if you don’t have holding current on ($1=255). I think the discrepancy here is more just that we felt like rambling and explaining extra in the video, whereas we didn’t want to over explain in our text and just provide a cover-all solution instead.

Just as a general precaution I’d still leave the documentation the same. In hindsight, probably just shouldn’t have brought it up in the video.

Although, today I turned on $1=255, saved the settings, but it wasn’t holding until I power cycled the board. To be fair, I also rebooted gSender Edge 1.3.10 and reloaded the file too. So I’m not sure you will be able to simply set holding current without a reboot.

Great catch and attention to detail, thanks for the question!!


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