T8 Spring-Loaded Backlash Nut Installation Guide for LongMill CNCs by Sienci Labs

Hey folks. Check out Jason’s T8 Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut installation video guide on YouTube.


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I ordered the new spring loaded anti-backlash nuts for my MK1 but the kit only comes with 4 nuts. The MK1 has 5 anti-backlash nuts. When trying to install 2 sets on the X axis, the bolt hole patterns don’t align well enough for proper operation (too tight on lead screw). Do I just install one unit here?
Also, when installing the new one in either direction on the Z axis, I have to install router mount to lowest position for it to fit.
Any help appreciated.

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There is only 1 backlash nut on the x-axis. You can use wd-40 and a lower speed to break in the nuts.

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Did my MK2. X and Y axis this morning took me about 45 minutes taking my time.
Will do Z later this week when the new 2.2 KW spindle and mount arrive

I’m assuming that the swap out procedure is similar for the MKI model. If there’s any differences, what are they?