Temu Tools giving it a shot for what its worth

Ordered a bunch of tool stuff from TEMU - seems prices are ridiculous for some things. Was hesitant but Some of my friends have ordered with success so thought I give it a try for some cnc/tool stuff even tho they have middle of the road site reviews (am attributing to growing pains). Just to give an example, AND I’m not affiliated with them in any way, - I wanted to keep it under $100 so I ordered 3 sets of digital calipers at $4.17 a piece, a 10" contour guage for $12, laser level for $8.31, 1/4" shaft 1" surfacing bit - $4.94, 2 pack feather kit for my table router - $16.48, pocket hole kit - $8.48, router/table saw bit- depth jig - $6.29, and 2 aluminum squares - $14.45. my"read" reviews indicate that its pretty good quality stuff (at least for what I ordered) - we’ll see, and I’ll post a review when and if I get said items.

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My Mom and step Dad have both purchased from TEMU with mostly positive results. My Mom had a couple of items that didn’t work as advertised and when she contacted them for a return they returned the money and let her keep the item.

nice, the stuff i ordered got pretty good reviews - time will tell but not expecting any surprises.

The site looks like a banggood clone. When I checked it out I apparently won a $100 coupon, but only if I act within the hour.

Well got my order. everything is useable with the exception of the laser square I ordered. 1 side is good, the other is off by about 1/2 inch at 4 feet. you could physically see the laser coming out at an angle…lol. Everything else was non-electronic or had no power, so cheap but still useable. Many of the power type things i’ve seen on u-tube seem to be pretty unuseable as far as tools go.