Tester project number 1

thinking it turned out pretty good for a first test project.


Tristan, that looks great. How big is it, and how deep are the details? What was the graphic source, and how long did it take?

I used some stuff from clip art in aspire. The full depth is .5" and crown is .125" the flowers are variable depth depending on detail but is .25". The total project size is 10"x10". Roughing was two sets of toolpaths took 2 hours finishing toolpath took 3 hours tools. Used 1/4 upcut 1/8 bit and to finished i used a 1/8 ball. For my next test im going to try to finish with one of my super fine tools of .5mm to see how much detail i can produce with the longmill .

Well done, Tristan. Is that MDF? Are you going to put a finish on it? If so, I would like to see how turns out. My finishes on MDF so far are a long ways from acceptable.

It is MDF i just wanted to try it out before i put it on a nice piece of wood i had my wife paint it last night just to see how it would look i will upload it


Im going to try a tab program with more detail with models i have created my self to keep the wife and kids busy painting this week with the self isolating stuff going on should keep them busy for a few hours.

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I’ve been using a 4.82 deg tapered mill with a 0.5mm radius with good success. Keep the stepover small, RPMs up, and you should be good. Finish is very nice with adaptive tool paths, but a little slow.

What feeds and speeds did u run with that endmill im about to use the same i was thinking 22000 feed of 70 step over of .0018"

This is a great finishing tool. It’s the SpeTool version from Amazon. I used it on this classic ripple shape:


This was 7" in dia., cheap plywood, in a morphed spiral toolpath, after a 1/4" ball roughing pass. It was 18,000 RPM, 30"/min, and 0.018" stepover. I’m sure it could easily have done 60"/min, maybe more, but the wood was so layered I took it easy.

I haven’t tried it on aluminum yet, but it’s on my list of tests.

Thanks. Stay safe.


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Thanks bill i will try that i ordered 1 from amazon a jerray or something like that. They were cheap but had good reviews.