Text on Text Signs Instructions for Vectric Software

If you are interested in making signs using text on text (or call it stacked text) then the attached instructions are for you. I use Vectric’s VCarve Pro (will work for Desktop and Aspire also) so that is the software used for these instructions. I have not used any other software so can not offer any instructions for them, sorry. I don’t know if this method can be used elsewhere. These instructions are very detailed and must be followed exactly or it won’t work. I have tested them numerous times and even I fail at times. It’s usually a missed step causing the fail. Please respond via this channel if you find a mistake or find a better way or just like the signs you make. I did not include any 3d data in an effort to keep it simple. I’m sure 3d data could be incorporated without too much difficulty. The instructions are in 2 sections. Section 1 just builds a single sign. If you wish to turn this into multiple signs with less work then use Section 2 to build the template that reduces work beyond the initial build. I suggest you read the entire list prior to starting work.

Enjoy! Sorry about the upload format but I couldn’t upload the PDF. I will load the PDF on the Facebook group.


It’s funny that you put this on here, I was literally just looking at this last night. Came across this YouTube video and found it super helpful. I designed it, but still waiting on my Longmill to see how it’ll turn out.

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I didn’t see that one. Oh well. And the others I tried I couldn’t get to work.