The Dust Shoe V2

I have the new and improved dust shoe
Improved? well I have never had the old one so I can’t judge it on that.

Some observations on the new dust shoe…

Durability seems to be a bit of an issue. The little window might have sounded like a good idea but honestly its is way to fragile. Please make a little brush segment we can screw into its place. I currently have duct tape over the gap.

The magnets the 3D printed material is way to weak to hold the threads of the magnets. the two lower magnets pulled out after only a few uses. I will look at modifying mine with threaded inserts this is something you guys should consider doing during manufacture. Again the magic of duct tape is holding the magnets in. The magnets maybe a little strong for this application.

Maybe you should look at threaded inserts like this

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