The Forum and Sienci Support

I thought that I had posted this before, but since I can’t find it, and since I am growing more forgetful in my older age, I’ll assume that I haven’t and post this now.

Before getting to the meat of this, I want to stress that I am not a Sienci employee. I am not trained to provide technical advice about the Long Mill, gSender or any other bits and bobs that we are collectively running. I am biased in favour of the company. Otherwise, I would not have taken on the role of mod. I don’t believe that they are perfect, but they certainly strive to be.

Over my illustrious career as the moderator here :grinning:, I have read many posts that show frustration with one of Sienci’s products or another. I’ve written quite a few of them myself. More often than not, the community has been able to find solutions to the problems, either because another member has had the same problem and solved it, or by simple trial and error. That’s the beauty and strength of this community.

However, we should not forget that the community’s willingness and abilities to help does not take the place of direct customer/technical support from Sienci. It is true that Sienci monitors the forum. They do not have full time staff dedicated to doing that though. So, in my view, if the community cannot solve our problem, we should take advantage of the excellent support offered by Sienci and complete a support ticket, rather than complain on the forum that Sienci is not listening and helping. In my experience - and thankfully I’ve not needed it often - Sienci replies promptly and has the technical ability to address pretty much any problem. I’ll repeat, they are not perfect and it may take some time to find a solution, but they are very willing to work at a problem until it is solved.

All that said, bug reports directly related to gSender are welcomed by Sienci to be posted in the forum. The developers of gSender do closely monitor that particular board.

I’ll step off my soap box now. Nuff said.


what file format does Gsender open?

gSender opens gCode files (*.gcode, *.gc, *.nc, *.tap etc). gCode is typically written by CAD/CAM software.