The Mega-MillOne

The Mega MillOne is alive! It looks terrible as I now have to use it to help build itself a case. It’s now 480mm by 260mm capable but before I put it in the new case it will go to 480mm by 360mm as I have a longer X (actually that’s now Y). I’m getting same accuracy, but not probably across total extent. Some harmonic resonance stuff I hope to fix with new case.

I’m toying with the idea of adding a second Y thread and angle support to give the bed more rotational deflection stability. The steel bed was replaced with a twice as long same thickness aluminum billet I found at the local scrap yard for $2. That allows the wheels to be spaced way further apart and help rotational deflection around X. Also the angle that I replaced I’m hoping to epoxy to the new angle to give it more torsional flex stability, I saw the stiffness post by Chris and that’s what i will do.

Anyhow lots of fun!

Oh this is a full length synth interface being machined in one go rather than tiled indexing


Wow I love it! :beers:

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