Tiny impeller test I made

Been using this coffee grinder impeller as a test of the MillOne. Working on it off and on since I got the MillOne a month ago. Took a bit to learn Fusion and get the cnc working well. Then how to mill a double sided object.

It worked out well but not perfect. It’s in mdf but I’ll make a final version in lignum vitae that I’ve had laying about for 15 years. The old one is delrin I think and has worn away. You can buy a 3d printed new one but I don’t fancy ingesting particles in my coffee.

I may also try alu as I have been milling that this past two weeks also.


@tuejan I really like that, Nik, if only for the level of detail in something so small. Just out of curiosity, why does the new one have a hole in it? Also, where did you get the pattern for the new one, since the old one is worn down? Finally, what bit(s) did you use?