Tired of the old dust shoe

Found this on Amazon for under $17 so thought what the heck, anyway got to installing it this morning. First thing I noticed was the vac hose would be rest atop the Z axis pulley belt assembly, so made a support out of a clothes hanger. I needed an adapter for the vac hose. The brush portion has 3 small magnets to allow for bit changes. One issue it does not slide up on the router far enough for short bits so will modify and report back. It is nice to not lose X axis with the bracket for mt original dust shoe.

@Bill I’ll be interested in your longer term experience, Bill. I’ve gone the other route and designed a Z axis independent version. Pluses and minuses with each, I think.

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Had to trim the brush shorter but it works pretty good.

@gwilki , I can see advantages to your sytem approach, my cheapie is a tad cumbersome when it comes to bit changes. The smaller diameter brush is much more effective in picking up dust.

@Bill Looks good. It sounds like something (collet nut?) hit your clamp. :grinning:

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@gwilki you are correct sir!

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@Bill Been there, done that. That’s why all my clamps are wood. :grinning: