Tool bit choice

Not sure if this is the correct forum but i was asked to do an engraving on a chunck of aluminum but im not sure of what bit i can use for that should any endmill cut it or is there a specific endmill i should get to cut aluminum… fyi i am new to this stuff so be kind lol im still learning

@Brats13 Do you have a picture of the carving you want to do?

Pretty much any bit that will cut hard wood will cut aluminum, but there are some that will do a better job than others. A pic will help those here to advise you.

I do not have a pic as of yet but its nothing fancy lettering for a memorial plaque

Shaun, Grant & I collaborated on an aluminum drag knife project last year, and we learned/passed on a lot of info about milling aluminum. I suggest you search the forum for ‘aluminum’ and ‘drag knife’.

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